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Nouveau Systems® Announces New Applications and Product Tips Series

New application whitepapers and product tips help users leverage Nouveuau Systems products

Redwood City, Calif. - March 24, 2008 - Nouveau Systems today announced two new series of publications to help users take full advantage of Nouveau Systems products and technologies. The Applications series provides complete sample applications using FlowSpace® Workflow Developer and other Nouveau Systems products, while the Product Tips series provide specific tips and techniques.

The first four publications in the Applications series were created by Larry Smith, co-founder of Nouveau Systems for the recently released FlowSpace 3.2. Each publication includes a fully documented workflow application that demonstrates how to use FlowSpace to create a real-world web-based application. The examples include both complete workflows definitions, and detailed whitepapers with designs and step-by-step walkthroughs of the application.

According to Philip Gust, President and CEO of Nouveau Systems, "These real-world examples will enable users to quickly understand how easy it is to create and deploy web-based applications, such as on-line surveys, forms, and even call-centers, using FlowSpace." The inital set of sample applications are included with FlowSpace 3.2, preloaded in an "examples" workspace template. Subsequent publications in the series are available from the Nouveau Systems website.

The first publications in the Product Tips series focus on taking advantage of platform-specific functionality and desktop integration in FlowSpace workflows. Each Product Tip demonstrates how to use features of Nouveau Systems products, and includes illustrations and complete instructions. Publications in the Product Tips series are available from the Product Support section of the Nouveau Systems website.

Nouveau Systems also announced that it is soliciting product tips from its users. Users can submit product tips by email through a convenient link on the Product Tips page, and they will be fully credited for their contributions. "Our community of users is our best resource for new ways to user FlowSpace and other Nouveau Systems products," according to Mr. Gust..."We're pleased to provide a forum where they can share their knowledge with other users."

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