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Automate Your World with FlowSpace®

FlowSpace is the fastest, easiest way to automate repetitive tasks on your desktop and across your entire workgroup or department.
  • Combine functionality from desktop applications using a powerful drag-and-drop graphical editor
  • Route documents, coordinate reviews, survey users, and automate critical procedures
  • Create workflow-enabled applications, where knowlege experts can define and modify business logic without programming
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Free Example Workflow Applications

Check out our collection of free example workflow applications. Each includes complete workflows, and a detailed whitepaper with designs and step-by-step walkthroughs. See how easy it is to create and deploy web-based applications, such as on-line surveys, forms, and even call-centers, using FlowSpace. Check back often as we add new ones!

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Latest News

Nouveau Systems® releases FlowSpace 3.2 with 5-10x faster startup, improved desktop integration, example workflow applications, Universal Scripting Framework, integrated Derby RDBMS, WebStart, and new Professional and Department Editions.

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About Nouveau Alliance®

Nouveau Alliance collaboration platform and applications integrate collaboration, content management, process automation, and knowledge capture. This cross-platform suite is easy to install and takes advantage of operating system specific functionality.

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Free Personal Edition!

The Personal Edition of FlowSpace and all Nouveau Systems products are yours free for non-commercial use!

Once you've tried it, you can also request a risk-free 30-day upgrade and evaluate the advanced workgroup and department features available with Professional or Department Edition. It's risk-free, and there's nothing else to install.

To get started, just download your free Personal Edition today! And don't forget to request your risk-free upgrade evaluation.

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We Want Your Feedback!

Help us improve our products by providing your feedback. It's quick and easy!

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Nouveau Alliance® Collaboration Platform
collaboration platformDevelop collaboration-enabled, service-oriented solutions with this scalable, secure platform.

Nouveau Alliance® Applications
collaboration platformCollaboration-enabled graphical applications for creating, capturing, managing, and visualizing information and processes.
Products, Solutions, Services
Nouveau Alliance® Collaboration Server

nouveau alliance server

Lightweight, modular framework using scalable, intelligent peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. Configure services and add application logic to workspace containers.

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FlowSpace® Workflow Developer

flowspace workflow developer

Create, debug, deploy, and manage workflows with this easy to use graphical environment. Collaboratively develop workflows both in real-time and off-line.

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NoteSpace® Collaborative Notebook

notespace collaborative notebook

Capture, organize, share documents, email, web pages, images, multimedia, even knowledge you normally keep in your head. Collaborate both in real-time and off-line.

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