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Nouveau Alliance® Collaboration Server

Features and Benefits

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server offers a number of features and benefits for creating collaboration-enabled and service-oriented solutions.

Low-cost incremental deployment

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server incorporates intelligent peer-to-peer (P2P) technology that enables new servers and services to be purchased and deployed incrementally, with no additional administrative overhead.

Simple integration

Integrating existing data models, Java Beans, software components, and end-user tools is simple, thanks to Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server's light-weight container architecture. There is no need to create specialized data models or learn complex connector architectures. Major data models, components, and productivity tools are pre-integrated, and functionality is available across all servers, users, and applications.

Transparent collaboration

Seamless collaboration anywhere and any time is built in to Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server. The server "collaboration enables" all components, data models and tools, eliminating the need for separate, disconnected collaboration, meeting, and sharing solutions.

Easy extensibility, customization, and automation

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server allows end users to extend and customize existing solutions and create new solutions by combining existing functionality. Innovative graphical user interfaces, and simple customization and automation tools put domain experts back in the driver's seat.

Service-oriented solutions

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server incorporates advance service-oriented architectures (SOA) that make it easy to combining existing "building blocks" to create new solutions. It is easy to create reusable services that are accessible anywhere in the peer network.

Scalable Performance

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server's intelligent peer-to-peer (P2P) grid technology offers scalable performance by providing a powerful, distributed processing model, and enabling new servers and services to be purchased and deployed incrementally. The investment made by different parts of your organization can now be leveraged across the entire organization.

Simplified Deployment

Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server simplifies deployment. You can transparently add a workspace anywhere in the peer network, and move a workspace from one server to another to distribute processing load. Remote applications and other servers automatically "discover" the workspace with no additional programming or administrative overhead.


Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server utilizes the security services of the Nouveau Alliance Collaboration Server. User authentication uses JSSE and standard directory services such as NIS and LDAP. Workspaces can be fully encrypted using strong security through JCE/JSA algorithms, and support secure communications using SSL/TLS/HTTPS technologies. You can select the level and type of security that are right for your application.

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