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Nouveau Alliance® Content Management Service

Features and Benefits

Nouveau Alliance Content Management Service offers a number of features and benefits for creating secure, enterprise content management solutions

Flexable Management of Any Content Type

Provides flexibile management of any type of content, including documents, web pages, emails, calendars, images, audio, video, and more. You can add metadata to help classify content items, from simple keywords to industry standard content schema such as Dublin Core. Powerful content organization tools, including extensible containers, links, and annotations enable you to capture and even automate important content relationships that people normally keep in their heads and are lost when they leave or change jobs.

Scalable Performance

Offers scalable performance across the enterprise. It provides a powerful distributed model for managing and accessing content. Thanks to it's intelligent P2P architecture, content, containers, links, annotations, and metadata are available anywhere in the peer network. The investment made by different parts of your organization can now be leveraged across the entire organization.

Simplfied Deployment

Simplifies deployment. You can transparently add a workspace anywhere in the peer network, or move a workspace from one server to another to distribute processing load. New workspaces and their content are automatically "discovered" with no additional programming or administrative overhead. Nouveau Alliance Content Management Service is the only collaborative content management system to offer this advanced capability.

Ease of Integration

Easy to integrate with existing applications and software infrastructure. It can be run as a stand-alone server, or it can be embedded in an existing Java application, in a servlet engine as an application context, or in an EJB server as a container or session object. Nouveau Alliance Content Management Service supports a wide range of industry standards so you can be sure it operates with other systems, services, and information sources, including web services, email, messaging, databases, and name services.


Provides a secure content repository with document-level encryption, authentication, and authorization. User authentication is through JSSE and standard directory services such as LDAP, NIS, and Microsoft Active Directory. Access policies for content items can be managed for both individual and groups. Content items and their workspaces can be fully encrypted using strong security through JCE/JSA algorithms, and accessed securely using SSL/TLS/HTTPS technologies. You can select the level and type of workspace and content security that are right for your application.

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